Collaborative Networking Hub for Public Administrations, Research Institutions and Private Businesses 19 oct

19 Oct. 2013   Smart National Strategy for Smart Cities in Romania

Following the Smart Cities session held on the 18th of October on the occasion of the INCD Conference (Institutul Naţional de Cercetare-Dezvoltare în Construcţii, Urbanism şi Dezvoltare Teritorială Durabilă „URBAN-INCERC” / National Institute for Research and Development “URBAN-INCERC”, Bucharest, Romania), Urbasofia hosted a workshop at its headquarters in Smȃrdan Street No. 9 in the Old City of Bucharest. The scope of the meeting was to further discuss the topic of Smart Initiatives in Romania in the aim of creating a framework for the development of a National Platform. We gladly benefitted from valuable input from the participation of IND SOFT (Sibiu, RO) represented by Mr. Cătălin Popa and Ms. Ramona Fălămaş, Mr. Teodor Leopa, Urban Planner (Bucharest, RO), Mr. Claudiu Pătruțoiu, Urban Planner (Constanța, RO), Trilogis (Rovereto, IT) represented by Mr. Nicola Giuliani and Mr. Giuseppe Conti, Mr. Michele Gubert on behalf of SOFCPower (Trento, IT) and Mr. Fabrizio Napoleoni, Business and Technology Consultant (Roma, IT), together with the Urbasofia Team: Mr. Pietro Elisei, Director (Roma / Bucharest), Ms. Sabina Dimitriu, General Manager (Bucharest, RO), Ms. Wendy Laura Cînța, Communication & Projects Design, (Bucharest, RO) and Ms. Ana Toma, Assistant General Manager (Bucharest, RO).

The workshop touched upon the following topics:

  • facilitating wider smart solution acceptance in Romania by proposing solutions for urban spaces;
  • targeting standardized method(s) applicable on a range of urban settlements / zones;
  • city grid approach on infrastructure, energy and water;
  • integrated concept merging multiple specific solutions (energy, transport, etc.) based on optimized management;
  • rural identities targeted through ‘smart cities => smarter villages’ concept, as branch direction which might be followed.

At the end of the day, several conclusions have been agreed upon by the participants:

  • The need for a Smart City platform in Romania is clear, and the first steps will be jointly undertaken in the near future in order to create such a platform: buying a domain and creating the portal;
  • The platform’s main purpose will be to bring together researchers, city administrations and private companies developing smart solutions; for this, a first pool of institutions and enterprises promoting this hub will be created;
  • The first (“core”) group of the platform is currently being shaped, and all interested parties able and willing to contribute are invited to do so. An idea for supporting and consolidating the group was to apply for grants / support through an EEIG (European Economic Interest Grouping) whilst engaging solely on an informal committment (based on honour).

The EEIG could facilitate heading towards investments with no financial committment to the partners, under an European recognition umbrella, from a formal point of view, by helping in accessing EU funds: it projects the real idea of a committment.

Steps to go:

  • find partners (companies) interested to join this group. “Can you endorse us ?”  We are coming with a portfolio of strong solutions – Urbasofia may lead onto the content & design, whilst Trilogis & SOFCPower on technologies & outputs. Main asset would be to enter the platform as a group of interest instead of a sole business, in the scope of added value in partnerships on improving business portfolios throughout customization processes.
  • be visible as quick as possible !

Further consideration can be given for the following ideas:

  • through JESSICA (EU Programme ) and URBACT we could smartly target RE-Block (Reviving high-rise Blocks for cohesive and green neighbourhoods) using smart grids for Community Retrofitting into Disadvantaged Neighbourhoods by accessing subsidies in Energy Efficiency; this would also impact Governance Ellective Campaign Autumn 2014
  • to insert projects ideas / design into next generation’s PIDUs (2014 – 2020); change of working also throughout STATUS initiatives;

In order to extend the participants in the Smart City events held on the 18th and 19th of October (experts and town planning practitioners, representatives of enterprises, civil servants and city managers), besides the warm invitations sent out for taking part of what will soon become the platform for Romanian Smart Cities, we need to further strenghten our collaborative process by our joint committment informally taken, as nucleus for future triangle cooperations: between the public sector (administrations), private companies and research institutions. In respect to these, we salute your considerations.

Photo of the Smart Cities workshop – URBASOFIA 19 Oct. 2013 – from left to right: Michele Gubert (SOFCPower), Nicola Giuliani and Giuseppe Conti (Trilogis), Teodor Leopa (Urb.Pl.), Claudiu Pătruțoiu (Urb.Pl.), Wendy Laura Cînța (Urbasofia), Fabrizio Napoleoni (Techn.Cons.), Sabina Dimitriu and Ana Toma (Urbasofia), Cătălin Popa and Ramona Fălămaş (IND SOFT), following the informal agreement for establishing the Romanian Smart Cities Platform
Photo of the Smart Cities workshop – URBASOFIA 19 Oct. 2013 – from left to right: Fabrizio Napoleoni (Techn.Cons.), Sabina Dimitriu and Ana Toma (Urbasofia), Cătălin Popa and Ramona Fălămaş (IND SOFT), Pietro Elisei (Urbasofia), Michele Gubert (SOFCPower), Nicola Giuliani and Giuseppe Conti (Trilogis), Claudiu Pătruțoiu (Urb.Pl.), following the informal agreement for establishing the Romanian Smart Cities Platform